The Tara Centre is a not-for-profit healing sanctuary in the heart of Lancaster. We are a community of local people who work together to support each other through life’s twists and turns and welcome you with open arms.

If you’re interested in finding opportunities for personal growth and recovery from emotional trauma, developing heartfelt friendships, or want to explore a deeper spiritual connection to yourself and your life then you’re in the right place.

You are so welcome, ┬ájust as you are. Please take your time to have a read of what we have on offer and come and join us online or in person. We’d love to meet you.

“I love the welcoming atmosphere at the Tara Centre. It’s so genuine & inclusive.” (January 2020)

“I have been received with respect, care and loving attention, and have never been judged in any way.” (January 2020)

“After each session at the Centre, I come away with a little less baggage and learn a little bit more about myself. ” (May 2018)

“The Tara Centre is a place of love, understanding, peace and compassion. Everyone should have a place like that to go to.” (March 2017)

“What keeps me coming back is the genuine concern for my wellness, helpful knowledge and the complete presence I’m met with.” (February 2020)

“The Tara Centre in itself is a haven from the challenges of daily life. You immediately feel relaxed. You feel immediate peace and acceptance. It’s wonderful.” (April 2018)

“I love your work and your open-hearted approach so much. I really appreciate everything I have experienced through my connection with the Tara Centre.” (February 2020)

A Warm Welcome to all our visitors

Our Centre is located directly opposite the Castle entrance and we get to enjoy this wonderful view every day.

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