Wellbeing Service for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Our aim is to create a warm, welcoming space, to support people who may have experienced trauma to come into their bodies and find support through the power of touch. All these therapies create a sense of wellbeing, reduce pain and tension held in the body and help bring people into a state of balance.

We offer back massage and foot massage each week and have additional therapists offering reflexology, shiatsu and sound therapy some weeks.

We do not offer talk therapies as we believe feeling safe, supported and connected are pre-requisites to deep psychological work, and many asylum seekers are not in a safe place whilst waiting for Home Office decisions. We offer body-based therapies as traumatic memories are held in the body, and we teach self-care techniques that reduce intensity of emotions to individuals as appropriate.

We also offer Wellbeing case work – this could be working with other organisations to support a refugee to relocate if that’s important to their mental health, could be finding classes they could join such as salsa or martial arts to help them cope with feelings of isolation, could be finding appropriate volunteering roles through our networks to help them feel more hopeful and retain their identity of who they used to be, could be referring to a counsellor for short term intervention if necessary. If there’s some one you’re worried about, let us know. We may know some one who knows some one who can help even if we can’t.

TLC Low Cost Complementary Therapies Clinic 
Lancaster: First Monday of the month 6.30-8.30pm  Tara Centre, The Storey, Lancaster
Morecambe: Last Thursday of the month 10-12 The Hothouse, More Music, Devonshire Road, Morecambe
  • Free for AS and refugees, £3 for those living on little or no income. This is more of a treatment clinic for those who need some additional support with emotional or physical health issues.
  • We have 3 practitioners and a host meeter/greeter at each clinic and we triage as people come in to ensure they receive the appropriate treatment.
  • We have some funds for translation if needed.
  • This clinic has a different feel to the Tuesday afternoon one – it’s much busier, it’s treatment focused rather than wellbeing focused, and is not just for asylum seekers and refugees. However, the therapies are very effective so please do refer people to this too.

Please contact Dr Elham Kashefi through taracentrelancaster@gmail.com or on 07830107008 with any enquiries.