The programme comes from the annual conference, recently held in Stirling, of the organisation, Timebanking UK. Timebanking is a system of exchange based on principles of sharing, community and the foundation that everyone’s time and talent is of equal value.

Feature 1:
Timebanking in practice is built on the idea of co-production, and one initiative in East Dunbartonshire, the Present project. It has been a model for bringing together people living with dementia, local schools, charities, community organisations and local authorities to improve their lives and their care.

Feature 2:
No two Timebanks are the same, and a great example of how diverse they can be is in the Deeds for Needs timebank in the heart of highland Perthshire, where people in the historic town of Aberfeldy have come together to find modern solutions to very contemporary problems.

Feature 3:
Timebanking can also be done by people “doing time”. A unique collaboration between the Scottish Prison Service and the Castlemilk Timebank, based in the south of Glasgow, has seen prisoners at Low Moss Prison exchanging their mentoring work with at-risk prisoners for community services “on the outside” in Castlemilk.