QIGONG FOR RELIEF OF ANXIETY – a 6-week online course 

With its gentle, flowing movements that coordinate with the breath, Qigong promotes relaxation and restores energy. Anxiety is tension. The tension is held in your body and can become habitual over time. Habitual tension affects your breathing, which in turn affects your energy levels. It is a vicious circle, anxiety leading to more anxiety, with the brain constantly in alert mode.

Qigong helps you to reduce the tension that causes anxiety. Slow, gentle movements help the muscles to relax and let go. This sends a signal to the brain that all is well. This in turn restores fuller breathing as the diaphragm relaxes. Then your energy levels can rise.

The course consists of six sessions. Each session follows a similar pattern but with a different focus. In this way you become more familiar with the movements, until by the end of the course you can do them on your own. All the exercises are gentle and easy to follow and all can be adapted for sitting or standing.
1 Grounding yourself.
2 Moving from your centre.
3 Breathing
4 Letting go of tension
5 Embracing change
6 Integrating
Kath has been teaching and learning Tai Chi and Qigong for over 30 years and brings a beautiful depth of understanding of the practice with clear direction and a gentle presence. She also teaches Somatics classes which bring awareness to deeply held patterns of tension in the body.
The aim of the course is to create happiness through bringing meditation into the heart of your daily life – not only to reduce stress and gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions, but also to discover your potential for unconditional compassion for yourself and others.
Our courses are always informal and inclusive, and have a good dose of humour thrown in so we’re sure you’ll enjoy the sessions.
The course will be live on Zoom every Monday 7.30-8pm and you will have access to the class for replay if you miss any sessions or cannot make that time.
If you’re worried about cameras, you’re welcome to have your camera and mic switched off if that helps you access the sessions.


The course costs £30. If you need to pay in two instalments please get in touch. That’s always possible.
Any questions, about the course, please get in touch with us. We’re always happy to hear from you.
General enquiries about all our courses call Elham on 07830107008.
Questions about Qigong or the course call Kath on 07729 907056.


Monday 28th February – 4th April