Project Description

Zen meditation (Zazen) is the gateway to finding who you are. Zazen is not a meditation course but a way of ‘showing up’ to every moment of our lives. Zazen is a practice, the more we sit the deeper our connection becomes. It anchors us to Reality and the deep peace that can be found from there.

We start at 7.30 for 30 mins Zazen (seated meditation) followed by 10 mins Kinhin (walking meditation) followed by another 30 mins of Zazen. We have zafu/zabuton cushions, benches and chairs but please feel free to bring your own.
If you are coming for the first time please arrive at 7.00 so that I can give you an introduction into the style of meditation that we do in Zen.

We then sit for tea and discuss any topic that comes up or share moments of our lives. Zen is a loving practice and a tea drinking practice! Tea and Zen are very closely linked, it is said that Zen and Tea have the same flavour.

The practice that we follow is a very ancient meditation of ‘Just Sitting’ from the Soto lineage of Zen. I am an ordained Priest in the White Plum lineage that uses Just Sitting meditation of the Soto school but also Koan practice of the Rinzai school.

Come and sit with us…….get to know yourself.

We ask for a donation of £5 per session please.