We were delighted to be awarded funding in June to set up a Timebank for the District after 3 years of researching and piloting Timebanking, and to be able to employ Julie Meyfroidt as our Timebank Manager.

In essence, Timebanking is a way of linking local people who can share their time and skills as a way of building on the strengths within our communities and strengthening the bonds between us. It is a way to put structure around the day-to-day things we do for each other. By joining up we can exchange skills, knowledge, love and compassion.

You may help with a computer issue, paint a fence, join an online cafe chat or go for a walk together – and in the process, establish connections and add to the community we all live in.

Organisations can join as members too in order to give and receive in the same way that individuals can. They can swap resources, professional skills, training places, meeting room space and lots more.



If you’d like to find out more you can visit www.taratimecollective.org or contact julie@taracentrelancaster.org.uk.