An online membership community dedicated to your health, healing and a peaceful mind

“What an absolute privilege to have such a sense of belonging with the Tara Centre. Elham and Jitei have given me courage to go forward during times of grief and emotional strain and the repercussions of their spiritual guidance will echo down the years as I keep becoming who I know I am meant to be. I am coming home to myself (Julie Meyfroidt).

“Elham and Jitei’s meditations are a little bit of calm and tranquility in an otherwise very stressful time. I listen to these at various times, even in the very early mornings when I can’t sleep and I’m transported into a blissful state of calmness. Their meditations should be on repeat prescription!” (Jean Nelson).

Our Story

More than a decade ago a dream began to create a place that was safe and overflowing with love and kindness for those that were impacted by emotional trauma. The dream was realised in 2012 when the Tara Centre opened its doors in Lancaster, UK, for the first time to provide support through meditation, healing, friendship and community – we love creating spaces for love and refuge and our community has grown beyond our wildest dreams.

What we’ve learned over the last 8 years is that the practices we have are so important to all of us whatever we’re going through, to help us develop peace of mind, to forgive ourselves and others, to improve our relationships and feel in control of our lives.

Because we love our community so deeply we are trying something new.

We’re offering a monthly online membership that is twofold. First, it allows us to connect with you online in a meaningful way and help you overcome some of the challenges you might have and some barriers and areas you might feel stuck in. Second, through this membership, these funds will be reinvested into the Tara Centre to ensure we have the resources to be here for years to come for those who are most in need of our services.

If you’re interested in finding opportunities for personal growth and recovery from the stresses of life, developing heartfelt friendships, or want to explore a deeper spiritual connection to yourself and your life then you’re in the right place.

Membership at a glance

Weekly 30-minute live guided meditation session with Jitei White

Weekly 30 minute live guided meditation with Tibetan singing bowls with Jitei White and Elham Kashefi

Monthly 60-minute live Loving Kindness/ Earth Witness meditation with Jitei White

Monthly 60-minute live interviews with expert holistic practitioners with live Q&A and guided practice

Access to a loving and safe members-only Facebook community

A warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’re supporting a community organisation supporting people recover from trauma.


£1800Monthly Subscription


£3000Monthly Subscription


£5000Monthly Subscription

Our Promise

By joining this membership, you will not only be helping yourself and those around you find peace and wellbeing, you will be ensuring that asylum seekers, refugees, people living with terminal illness, people with long term health issues, people in recovery from drug and alcohol, and all others facing disadvantage in our community have access to the love, kindness, friendship and community we all need to heal.

More Information About the Membership 

  • Meditations are specifically geared towards reducing the impact of stress and trauma by calming the nervous system, learning to connect with the body in a safe way, learning to connect with the breath and other practices to self-regulate in daily life.
  • Meditations will open you up to bring love, kindness and forgiveness to yourself, significant others and every one you meet.
  • The monthly interviews will be with expert practitioners, will be educational and have a practical element so that you benefit from each session.
  • All sessions will be live on Zoom and will be streamed into our Facebook group for those who prefer to connect that way.
  • All sessions will be recorded and accessible in the exclusive members-only on Facebook group.
  • Membership begins Monday 18 January 2021.

“The loving kindness meditations have helped me become a much calmer happier person and most definitely found inner peace within, which in turn has helped tremendously with relationships amongst my close family and friends” (Dawn Lavinia).


“Having attended Tara Centre’s various meditations and sound-healing sessions over the years, it has been a blow to have the pandemic stop our contact in person. The daytime meditations have been invaluable – to have online access to friendly faces and nourishing ‘live’ meditations has been a gift, and has helped steady me during what are very stressful times” (Hazel Bowden).


Kashefi PhD

For the past 13 years Elham has been supporting people to recover from emotional trauma, she has a PhD in Health Research, is the founding Director of the Tara Centre, and host of a podcast telling the stories of love, kindness and beauty that inspire you to take action right where you live. Elham’s mission in life is to create spaces of love and refuge.

Meditation Teacher

Rev Jitei

Reverend Jitei White is a Zen Buddhist Priest in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi in the Soto tradition of Zen. He is a founding member of the Tara Centre and Resident Priest with the Zen Peace Centre, a charity he has helped establish. He has been a practising Buddhist for 37 years and a teacher of mindfulness meditation, loving kindness meditation and shikan-taza meditation for over 20 years. His life vow is to help others find peace.