Oct 29 2017

Somatic Meditation Practice Day

Our body provides the path of our practice.

Somatic Meditation involves a bottom-up process, we connect with the inherent wakefulness that is already present within the body itself. Somatic Meditation develops a meditative consciousness that is accessed through the feelings, sensations, emotions, and a sense of the body itself. All we are doing is tuning into the basic awareness of the body. Put in simple terms, the human body already abides in the meditative state, we are just trying to awaken to that. In Somatic Meditation then, we realize that the ultimate meditative state is not found outside of us, in some other place; it is here, now.

We go through a jouney into the body to reconnect with every part, every atom. The journey takes us from lying on the floor in a relaxed state, to gentle movement, to a complete intimate connection with ourselves. Guided meditations, instructions, talks, and group discussions are offered, so that everyone will have the opportunity to master a graduated series of practices essential for making this journey to find peace in their lives.

Through the practice of Somatic Meditation, we gradually uncover the basic reality that our body is an expression of the sacredness of the universe. What is incredible is that this understanding is not theoretical, nor does it come through our thinking mind; it is a matter of our own direct personal experience. Here there gradually dawns in us the experience that the fundamental nature of our body is open awarenes; that this awareness is pure energy, pure life force. It is the means by which we are able to bring the expansiveness, warmth, and joy of our meditation into our daily life and integrate it with our everyday person, and to create healthy patterns in our life.

Somatic Meditation is an ancient practice found in the more esoteric traditions of Buddhism and Taoism. This workshop is offered by Rev Jitei White, an ordained Buddhist Priest.

Cost of the day is £25.00. Booking is essential.
Please book in via Eventbrite.

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