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Why do I react to thoughts the way that I do?
Why do I react to emotions the way that I do?
Why do I react to other people the way that I do?


You would like to answer the above questions.
You would like to develop intuition, forgiveness and self-love.
You would like to find purpose to life.
You would like to let go of self doubt and guilt.
You would like to change the way that you act.
You would like a system of life long self care.
You need a safe place to look deeper into yourself.

SOMATIC MEDITATION and METTA MEDITATION (Loving Kindness) are brought together in this exciting program.

Every Tuesday evening online on Zoom.

Please contact Jitei at jiteiwhite@gmail.com to book your space.

The practice of Somatic Meditation develops an ultimate awareness of the body and of releasing anxiety, stress and especially trauma. Very gently we let go of what our body is holding on to.

The practice of Metta Meditation brings about a significant improvement in your sense of well being, understanding and connected-ness to your own life and body and a feeling of connection and love to others.

Through this combination of the two guided meditations we see how our old conditioned thoughts have blocked us and how to step out of that to form new loving connections with ourselves and others.

We meet every Tuesday evening for a guided meditation.
Committing to joining the weekly practice enables you to take giant steps to finding a peaceful anchor in your life.

We are asked to keep a private journal of our thoughts every day as we practice at home. This can be a very powerful in understanding who we are.

Somatic Meditation is the means by which we are able to recognise and let go of the stresses, anxieties and traumas that we carry around with us. It is learning how to listen to the body. We heal our way through this emotional pain by deeply relaxing and bringing the expansiveness, warmth, and joy of our meditation into our daily life. We learn how to integrate it with our everyday life and to create healthy patterns to live by.

Somatic Meditation develops a meditative consciousness that is accessed through the feelings, sensations, emotions, and a sense of the body itself. All we are doing is letting go of the enormous amount of stress and trauma that we hold in the body. By letting this go we realise that the ultimate meditative state is not found outside of us, in some other place; it is here…..now.

We go through a guided meditative journey into the body to reconnect with every part, every cell, every particle. Everyone will have the opportunity to master a series of practices essential on the journey of finding peace in their lives.
Somatic Meditation is an ancient practice found in the more esoteric traditions of Buddhism and Taoism.

Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation takes us many steps further than just mindfulness alone. Once we are in tune with our body we learn how to accept ourselves as we are and then accept others by feeling the deep connection that is always there. We can only see it when we can accept ourselves.

It is a wonderful realisation when we can truly accept the role that others play in our lives. The offering of unconditional love to ourselves, to people that we love, to people that trouble us and to the entire world, is a vast heart opening experience. Metta is a heart-based practice filling us with deep joy. If I look through the eyes of someone else I can see and feel who they are and develop closer relationships and learn how deep empathy can work. Metta is truly integrated into one’s life by regular practice; the process becomes anchored. It puts down roots into your heart.

ONLINE on Zoom. Please contact jiteiwhite@gmail.com to book your place.

The Tara Centre is a not-for-profit healing sanctuary in the centre of Lancaster. Our work is underpinned by the practices of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, bringing us to a place of self-acceptance, self-love and radical social action. We offer talks, courses, workshops and one-to-ones around these themes.

Rev Jitei White, a Zen Buddhist Priest and meditation teacher in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi in the Soto tradition of Zen. I have been a practicing Buddhist for 36 years and a teacher of Mindfulness Meditation, Metta Meditation, Somatic Meditation and Shikan-taza Meditation for over 20 years.

My ordination name, Jitei, means Compassionate Gardener but as time goes on I am interpreting it as Cultivating Compassion, in others and in myself.
Of cultivating open-ness and humility.
Of sharing my life as a humble monk in the service of the world.
Of sharing the Truth that Love is the universal breath of the universe, we are the expression of that Love and meditation is the act of that love.

I am a co-founder of the Tara Centre in Lancaster. A place of healing, of retreat, of offering a place so that we can come to terms with who we are.




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Aug 11 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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