Oct 05 2017

October Heartsong

October Heartsong will be a space of Meditation and Sacred Singing for well-being, tuning in with and honouring the Full Moon, and preparing for the season of Samhain.

We will firstly be relaxing and sounding the chakra chants to clear our systems, then singing a range of songs from different sacred traditions, enjoying harmony and melody. Some of the songs, mainly traditional Bhajans from India, are accompanied by the harmonium. We will also explore improvisation and sounding, the power of our open, free voices. We will also be exploring meditation, enjoying the deep silence and connection that comes with it. The session aims to channel healing for participants and planet and we will be connected to a global network of groups that meet to meditate on the Full Moon with this intention.

Contribution £6/£8/£10.

See www.songofawakening.org.uk for further details about the background to Heartsong and about what to expect at a Heartsong session. The website has some audio examples of chants we might sing. I will be bringing my harmonium and singing bowl and we will explore Bhajans, Taize songs and other chants, also some free singing improvisation. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to PM me and ask.

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