Nov 04 2017

Mindful Writing with Tom George

Come on a restful creative journey!

In mindful writing we use the ancient Buddhist techniques of mindfulness to open up our creativity. Focusing on our senses, breath, body and the natural world we are able to access the peace and tranquility that is our birthright.

Through a range of creative writing exercises, discussion and meditation, we will reconnect with the playful creativity of childhood. Through discussing themes of interconnectedness and change, we will find inspiration in the cycle of life…

Mindful writing is a not about writing to impress, it is a self-compassionate and non-judgemental process. Work is shared voluntarily and there is no assessment. This workshop is hosted by Tom George, a writer and educator with a special interest in wellbeing and mental health.

Comments from last time:

“I found the afternoon very relaxing, nice people. I enjoyed both the meditation and writing. Would attend sessions in future too”

“Provided a chance to connect wholly with the self through our writings and meditation”

“Really interesting to hear how other people write. Different styles, different thoughts”

“I feel good!”

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