Sep 10 2017

Meditation for A Calm Life – One day retreat

Take the STRESS out of your LIFE

Learn how to still your mind through meditation and experience lasting inner calm.
Learn how to fully appreciate your life through very simple meditation techniques

A warm comfortable day of moving your life away from stress, just sit back and follow the guided meditations led by Jitei White, a meditation teacher with 35 years of experience.

There is even a meditation with Chocolate.
There is even a meditation with Coffee.

We start the day by relaxing the body with a gentle lying down meditation to the sound of a calming Tibetan bowl.

Throughout the day we learn easy to use at home techniques that gently settle the body and mind. We learn the art of mindful walking, we learn to fully follow the breath in our body. We learn how to fully appreciate an object through sight, touch and smell. We learn how to fully apprciate the way we eat, the way we drink. We even learn how to appreciate other people!

Everything we do allows the mind to calm

We have a sociable lunch at 12.30; a delicious wholesome vegetarian lunch, which is included.

All of the guided meditations today are easy to follow so that by the end of the day we will have an understanding of where stress comes from and how to change how we react to it.

We end as we started with a relaxing meditation with the sound of a Tibetan bowl. Body and mind are as one.

Cost of the day including lunch is £35.00. Booking is essential.

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