Sep 09 2017

Introduction to Energy Healing with Liz Weir

Introduction to Energy Healing September 9th

This one day event is intended for those who have an interest in finding out more about Energy Healing techniques, what this “energy” really is and how we can learn to manage our own energy field.

Liz Weir will be offering this taster day at the Tara Centre for those who already have some experience of healing, and for those who are just curious to find out more.

The topics to be covered during the day will include – an invitation to Stillness, finding your peaceful core; how the energy body works; balancing the Chakras; Attunement for Healing, with practice.

“I have been teaching Spiritual/Energy Healing and meditation techniques for over 15 years and have found that in order to have the ability to heal ourselves and effectively facilitate this for others and function powerfully in the world, we need to understand and consciously work with our own energy field.

This is a gentle process of gradually unfolding into the truth of who we really are, as we allow ourselves to experience that truth as a spark of the infinite Divine intelligence that connects us all.

The contents of the day will include exploration of this word “energy” and what we mean, discovering how to work with this energy, how to use the breath and meditation to attune ourselves to Source. We will also explore the practice of healing and how to use this gentle practice in our everyday lives”.

There will be a follow on day the 30th September for those who are interested in taking this further.

Liz Weir is a healer, teacher, workshop facilitator, Journey Practitioner and the Director of the Northumbria School of Healing.

COST: £50 (concessions at £35 available so please do ask if this applies to you).

HOW TO BOOK: Please email lizweir100@hotmail.com. A deposit of £10 is required to book your place.


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