Nov 27 2018

Heart of the Body Meditation

You are warmly invited to this exciting meditation program at the Tara Centre. Beginners are more than welcome to join at any point.


Somatic Meditation and Loving Kindness Meditation are brought together in this rolling ongoing program every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm.


The practice of Somatic Meditation develops an ultimate awareness of the body and of releasing anxiety, stress and especially trauma. Very gently we let go of what our body is holding on to. The practice of Loving Kindness Meditation brings about a significant improvement in your sense of well being, understanding and connectedness to your own life and body and a feeling of connection and love to others. This combination of the two through guided meditations, insightful bodywork, deep reflection and of the gradual maturing of your own insights take us to a place where we can feel kindness and compassion for our own life. We see how our old conditioned thoughts have blocked us and how to step out of that to form new loving connections with ourselves and others.


Starting on the 27th February with Somatic Meditation we meet every Tuesday, after 6 weeks we move over to Loving Kindness Meditation and the program just keeps on rolling from one to the other every 6 weeks.
Join in at any time and come as often as you need to, the door is always open without commitment. The sessions are very informal and there’s lots of laughter. If you do commit to join in the weekly practice then you are taking giant steps to finding a peaceful anchor in your life.

A donation of £5 per session would be greatly appreciated as the Centre is only funded and stays open through donations.
Somatic Meditation develops a meditative consciousness that is accessed through the feelings, sensations, emotions, and a sense of the body itself. All we are doing is letting go of the enormous amount of stress and trauma that we hold in the body. By letting this go we realise that the ultimate meditative state is not found outside of us, in some other place; it is here…..now. We go through a journey into the body to reconnect with every part, every atom. Guided meditations, instructions, talks, and group discussions are offered, so that everyone will have the opportunity to master a series of practices essential on the journey of finding peace in their lives.
It is a wonderful realisation when we can truly accept the role that others play in our lives. The offering of unconditional love to ourselves, to people that we love, to people that trouble us and to the entire world, is a vast heart opening experience. Loving Kindness is a heart-based practice filling us with deep joy. If I look through the eyes of someone else I can see and feel who they are and develop closer relationships and learn how deep empathy can work. Loving Kindness is truly integrated into one’s life by regular practice; the process becomes anchored. It puts down roots into your heart.
The sessions are offered by Jitei White, meditation teacher for over 20 years and co-founder of the Tara Centre. If you have any questions at all please get in touch with us via our website or on Facebook.

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