Jul 16 2017

Full Day Zen Meditation Retreat

This is an opportunity to experience a traditional Zazenkai, a traditional Zen day retreat. A time to intensify, deepen or to anchor your spiritual practice through periods of uninterrupted Zazen (meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), Samu (working meditation).

It is a day devoted to nothing other than the practice of awareness. We go to much trouble to get away from our usual daily life and pleasures. We give ourselves to a strict schedule and an old traditional method of training to help us to wake up to who we are. The whole day is meditation, we do this as a Sangha, a family, a community of people committed to the Great Search.

09.00AM Orientation with Coffee / Tea

09.30 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen

10.40 Tea

11.10 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen

12,30 Oryoki Meal

1.15 Samu – Work Meditation

2.00 Zazen / Kinhin/ Zazen

3.10 Talking Circle / Tea

4.00 Zazen / Kinhin / Zazen

5.00 End.

Cost of the day, including a traditional Zen Temple Oryoki meal, is £25.00.
Please book through Paypal following the link above.

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