Feb 04 2018

Embodying the Earth: A Somatic Sound Journey

Elham and Jitei invite you to this one day meditation practice day combining somatic meditation and sound to create a deep space for connecting to the earth/our bodies.

Through the practice of Somatic Meditation, we gradually uncover the basic reality that our body is an expression of the sacredness of the universe. It is the enlightened state. It is our own direct personal experience, through feelings, sensations and emotions that we find our awareness of pure energy, pure life force. It is the means by which we are able to bring the expansiveness, warmth, and joy of meditation into our daily life, to integrate it and to create healthy life patterns.

The morning is all about the relaxation of body and mind. We start with a lying down meditation – 10 Point Somatic Bodywork, a guided meditation with Jitei which will be interlaced with Elham’s Crystal Bowls……every single atom in your body will relax. This will seamlessly move into Elham’s incredible Sound Journey with drum and gong.

After lunch we fall into the Earth. Jitei will lead the somatic Earth Descent meditation, one of the most powerful guided meditations available to any of us. Such an amazing way to experience the Great Connection of all things. After a short time in silence to integrate all of this we end with a sound and movement practice through the landscape of the chakras. This final meditation is led by Elham.

SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICE £35 until 19th December 2017
EARLY BIRD PRICE £40 until 4th January 2018

Tickets available from Eventbrite.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Please bring 2 cushions and whatever makes you comfortable in meditation and lying down on the floor. If you’d like to place something on the altar please do. Please bring food for your lunch, but please note that this is a vegetarian Centre.

REV JITEI WHITE is a Zen Buddhist Priest in the Soto school of Zen. He has been a practising Buddhist for 35 years and a teacher of Mindfulness meditation, Loving Kindness meditation, Somatic meditation and Shikan-taza meditation for over 20 years.

“My ordination name, Jitei, means Compassionate Gardener but I interpret it as cultivating compassion in others and in myself.
Of cultivating open-ness and humility.
Of sharing my life as a humble monk in the service of the world.
Of sharing this Truth :-

Love is the universal breath of the Universe,
We are the expression of that Love,
Meditation is the act of that Love”.

DR ELHAM KASHEFI has been practising as a sound therapist for 8 years and has over twenty years experience in academic research on community participation, social justice and wellbeing. She has a strong working and personal interest in supporting people to recover from trauma. Her practice focuses on supporting people to come to a place of self-compassion and forgiveness in order to live free from their past.

Elham and Jitei are co-founders of the Tara Centre, a healing sanctuary in the heart of Lancaster dedicated to promoting kindness and compassion.

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