Sep 17 2017

Craft Your Own Talisman

A Talisman has long been used in many traditions and worn as a sacred object which harnesses the energies imbued within It.

A personal handcrafted Talisman can hold the unseen qualities you wish to bring into your life such as peace, confidence,courage, inner happiness, abundance to name a few. When you wear it and touch it your Talisman can bring you back into alignment and focus.

We will start by spending some time together looking at what intention you wish to set for the making of your Talisman and what energies you wish to imbue it with.

We will craft with Holly which represents sacred life force to create a pendant.

We will finish with a ceremony to anchor in these energies into your personal Talisman so that when you hold it you make physical contact with your holy item and feel it’s energy empowering you.

We, Yvonne and Gwen are really excited to be offering this event as we have gained so much from making our own Talismans and so look forward to sharing with you and having fun together.

The cost of £20 includes all materials , but if you have something special to you which you care to use then please bring that with you and refreshments.

Booking essential.

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