Feb 04 - 05 2017

Child Centre Method Modules 1 and 2

The Child centre method is a unique and effective way of addressing learning, behavioural and emotional issues with children. It combines some of the most effective techniques, currently in use, to help children.

Module 1 (Day 1)
This is a workshop to aid carers of children to help children to reach their full potential. This is an introduction to primitive reflexes and how they affect learning, emotional and behaviour issues.

Primitive and Postural Reflexes are a cluster of programmed automatic movements which develop for our survival. An example is the Moro reflex, which allows a new born to take its first breath. Problems arise if the Moro reflex is retained, as the body is held in “fight/flight” mode. As a baby grows up, this primitive reflex is replaced by newly learned movements, in a process of integration. However, when the process of integration is not complete, the reflex will have an adverse effect on a child’s emotional well-being as well as how the child learns and behaves.

ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, difficulty with reading and writing, concentration, limited attention, emotional problems and behavioural problem are examples of issues related to retained primitive reflexes.
• Learn the theory of retained primitive reflexes and how they affect learning and behaviour in children.
• Learn how to do some basic assessments of the primitive reflexes.
• Learn how to assess children using the Child Centre Method assessment.
• Learn how to address the problems via developmental movement exercises
• Learn how to use some of the SIMPLE movement programme.
The introduction is the foundation course for further studies in The Child Centre Method. See www.childcentremethod.com for more information or email info@childcentremethod.co.uk

This information will be of value to Therapists, teachers, educators, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and anyone linked children or wants to start working with children in a holistic way.
Module 2 (Day 2) – Primitive Reflexes
The second day, of this module, is a continuation of day 1. This day is mostly a practical day. You will be testing the reflexes and become more confident at completing the assessment and learning how to put the exercise together in a fun way, both in groups situations and in one to one situations.

Also, you will learn all eight of the bilateral integration sequencing routines and information about three other very important reflexes. By completing this day, you will be able to work with children using developmental exercise to help integrate retained primitive reflexes.
These exercises can be used in schools, in after-school clubs, in other centres that work with children, in a therapy clinic or at home.

• Learn more about the reflexes, the Postural reflexes.
• Learn about the importance of the Landau reflex, Tendon guard reflex and Head righting reflex.
• More practice on testing for the reflexes and completing the assessment.
• Learn how to use the Home SIMPLE (Sensory Integration Movement Programme For Learning Enhancement) with individuals and groups of children.
• Learn how to completed the bilateral integration sequencing exercises.
Cost: £260.00 (payment by instalment is possible by prior arrangement)

This Introduction is the foundation course for further studies in The Child Centre Method. Potential Training is an affiliated school of the BCMA and Healer Foundation. The Child Centre Method is an approved course by the BCMA, IICT and accredited by Kinesiology Association.

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://childcentremethod.com/

HOW TO BOOK: Please contact Alweena at info@childcentremethod.com to arrange booking.

Dr Alweena Awan received her Doctorate in “Raising Children’s Learning and Performance in Schools”, in 2008. She currently lectures part-time at Leeds Beckett University and works as an Educational therapist and Kinesiologist. She is the Founder and International Director of The Child Centre Method – Learning and Behaviour Program®. She is also the originator of CHILD, which is the Centre for Holistic Improvement in Learning and Development, which she created in 2004.

Her knowledge and application of learning and behavioural improvement methodologies for children is unique. She is a published author on the subject of using holistic methods to help children learn . Specifically, she holds the greatest expertise in the identification and rehabilitation of retained reflexes. Retained reflexes create neuro-developmental issues and can be identified by careful examinations of physical, emotional, mental, and social behaviours. Retained reflexes create great challenges to students at any age and can upset natural abilities in reading, writing, speech and language, behaviour and emotions.

She is a published author on the subject of using holistic methods to help children learn. Specifically, she holds the greatest expertise in the identification and rehabilitation of retained reflexes. Dr Awan has run her own private practice of over 10 years. She has also trained teachers, chiropractors, health care professionals, therapists and parents in her methods, and in the process has helped children to overcome a variety of challenges and to live more fulfilling lives. The Child Centre Method has been used in schools in the UK , Ireland, Brazil and Malaysia.

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