Dec 07 2017

Ceremony of Tea

Meditation is living the Universe. Tea is drinking it.

The Ceremony of Tea is a beautiful way of experiencing the connection of all things including a deep connection with yourself.
The Ceremony of Tea is learning a new way of appreciating tea and all things

All you need to do is sit and enjoy the heart opening feeling of being connected with all that is.

The Ceremony starts with 30 minutes of a guided meditation to feel a deep connection with the flow of breath that is you. We then take part in the Tea Ceremony, the drinker, the cup, the tea, the drinking are all one thing. There is no separation, this is pure drinking, pure ceremony.

Drinking tea this way drops all the delusions that we think we have to do more, expect more of ourselves. This is living in the moment. If we can do this, maybe we can learn to live our life this way, in a freer way of not adding to what is happening in the moment. We become connected completely with the tea and how it came to us, bringing us to a wonderful appreciation of others.

The tea is very special. The provenance is fully known, the exact tea garden is known, the farmer is known. An organic tea of this quality is rarely found. The terrior of the farm, the old growth trees all go into developing a tea full of chi (life force).

Appreciate tea, Appreciate your life.

Booking is essential. Tickets available via Eventbrite


Rev Jitei White, a Zen Buddhist Priest in the Soto tradition of Zen. I have been a practicing Buddhist for 35 years and a teacher of mindfulness meditation, loving kindness meditation, somatic meditation and shikan-taza meditation for over 20 years.

My ordination name, Jitei, means Compassionate Gardener but I interpret it as Cultivating Compassion, in others and in myself.
Of cultivating open-ness and humility.
Of sharing my life as a humble monk in the service of the world.
Of sharing this Truth :-
Love is the universal breath of the Universe
We are the expression of that Love,
Meditation is the act of that love.


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