Feb 18 2018

Attuning to Full Potential

Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) is a new kinesiology modality that uses vibrational icons monitored by muscle response to effect profound change in the client. The gift of AFP is that it allows the practitioner to work on themselves at profoundly deep levels, thus attuning them to their own full potential and unlimited growth. As this process develops one’s effectiveness as a therapist increases dramatically.
The vibrational AFP icons are like a menu to release blockages from and find a new state of balance towards your full potential. With AFP we clear physical, emotional, structural or energetic blockages as well as belief systems, to help find the pathway to make new choices.
APF helps to raise consciousness by activating the dormant codes within your DNA, therefore allowing the process of transformation to begin. AFP symbols help you to reactivate your embedded knowledge by attuning to it, finding the right wave length to access you own potential, and accessing the body’s innate wisdom.
This kinesiology modality is suitable for both practising therapist as well as beginners.
You will learn how to muscle test and get to the source of the stress.
You will learn how to use energy medicine along with vibrational icons to balance the body.
You will learn how to self test as well as test others.
You will learn how to use powerful, yet simple techniques to balance and clear the body, to help yourself and others.
The AFP icons help the clients to realise and then release the stuck emotions and baggage and experience a huge sense of relief when the balance is I am having fantastic results with AFP in my clinic. It is a very useful tool for emotional work especially where the clients experience is still very traumatic. finished
I just wanted to share with you the experience my son had with the icons. He was feeling upset and anxious about going back to school so i said do you want to use the icons to see if that helps. . He went from 10 to 1 on a scale of how anxious he felt. He also said he feels like he does when he goes down the angel slide at night time world !
Investment 215.00 deposit £50.00 to secure your place. 
Please see www.alweena.com for further information and booking.

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