Jan 09 2017

Activating Your Full Potential with Sound: A 4-week immersion

You are warmly invited to a 4-week immersion in Activating Your Full Potential with Sound.

This will be a weekly exploration of using your voice for healing, balance and wellbeing, and energetically activating your full potential. We will do some group tapping, some guided meditation supported by the sounds of the crystal bowls and using our voices as a group. There will be structured exercises, so no need to panic!

This is not a singing class and there are no right and wrong sounds. The intention of this class is to free up your voice and learn to use the vibrations of the sounds you’ll make to clear, energise and balance yourself – it’s a gentle technique that has powerful effect. And it’s fun! Laughing is totally allowed!

This session will leave you feeling relaxed and energised at the same time. It will calm your rmind and make you feel like you’ve had an internal workout in the gentlest way possible.

You’ll become friends with your own voice – how powerful is that?
You’ll learn not to judge yourself or others, to let go of outcome, to let go of the need for perfection or harmonising or sounding a particular way, needing to fit in or to be in tune…
…in this class you’re invited to be YOU, just as you are.

. some gentle stretches (seated or standing) to loosen up the body
. some gentle breathwork to calm the mind
. setting intetions for the sound
. introductions to using our voice
. gentle vocal toning exercises
. few minutes silence to integrate the sounds
. closing circle

9th January 2017
16th January 2017
23rd January 2017
30th January 2017

Drop in price is £6 a session or book 4 sessions for £20.


“A beautiful, powerful process which was very healing”.

“The sessions have been like an anchor during turbulent times…thank you”.

“The sessions have both been relaxing and peaceful. The group has felt powerful and has given me inner peace at a time of great pain.”

“Really enjoyed the sessions. I’ve found my voice again and even started playing piano again.”

“Deep gratitude for facilitating this shared experience – releasing my voice and bathing in the vibrations created. Raised my awareness of the power of sound (and silence) – building confidence through practice”.

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