A guided meditation for absolute beginners every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm to 7.30pm £5.00 drop-in.

We go through a guided meditative journey into the body to relax and reconnect with, every cell, every particle. The meditation is done lying down on cushions, so you will be very comfortable, but it can equally be done in a chair. We have blankets too so you can just be cosy and totally relax.
The meditation lasts for about 45 mins which leaves a little time to drink some water ask any questions (if you are still awake!!!)

The practice of Somatic Relaxation Meditation develops an awareness of the body and of releasing anxiety, stress. Very gently we let go of what our body is holding on to. If you join in the weekly practice you will be taking giant steps to finding a peaceful anchor in your life.

Join in at any time and come as often as you need to. The door is always open without commitment.

Each class is £5.00
Payable weekly on the night

Somatic Meditation is the means by which we are able to recognise and let go of the stresses, anxieties that we carry around with us. It is learning how to listen to the body. We learn how to integrate into our everyday life and to create healthy patterns to live by.
Somatic Meditation is an ancient practice found in some traditions of Buddhism and Taoism.

Jitei White has been practicing meditation for 36 years and has been a teacher of Mindfulness Meditation, Metta Meditation, Somatic Meditation and Shikan-taza Meditation for over 20 years. Personal One to Ones are available with Jitei
jiteiwhite@gmail.com or 0785 265 2631

He is a co-founder of the Tara Centre in Lancaster. A place of healing, of retreat, of offering a place so that we can come to terms with who we are.

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