Communicating deeply through touch and words to allow the body to reveal its truth, release tensions and explore possibilities so that life can be lived more fully.

“It’s a language I have known since my first breath – and it’s a language all human beings know” – Valerie Luoto, Rosen Method teacher.

Sue is a Rosen Method intern, practising under supervision. For more information, including testimonials, see and

Sue offers 45 minute sessions ‘pay as you feel’ at the Tara Centre and volunteers for the TLC low-cost complementary therapy clinic on Mondays. Please book in via, tel 07814 295570.

“I found the Rosen Method had a very gentle yet deep impact on me and has helped me move through some difficult feelings and I feel much more at peace.  Suzie is an outstanding practitioner and having tried many therapies over the years, Rosen is one that has had the most profound and lasting effect.  I would highly recommend”.              
Helen, Holistic Therapist